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Architecte d'intérieur nice

Step 1


How much? 

Diagnosis before buying your property, 80,00 €

deductible in step 2.

Step 2

  • Plans of the layout with measurements

  • elevations, cross-sections - Creating floor plans of the project with 3D perspectives for a realistic view of the desired effect.

  • Preselection of the materials and fittings (floor coverings, wall coverings, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom fittings…)

  • a complete estimated budget.


How much?

A flat fee of 2 500,00 € excluding tax, for a property of 60 sqm or less. For 61 sqm or more, 30,00 € per sqm excluding tax.

This project proposal will be deducted by 50% if we continue to the 3rd step.

Step 3

Final proposal :


  • after validation of Step 2which is a preliminary study, consultation of the artisanal enterprises in order to establish an estimate.

  • this stage requires more precise studies and plans. Creation of floor plans and 3D perspectives.

  • Assistance in the choice of materials.


How much?

To define, according to the exact requirements.


The costs of this proposition will be deducted if it is chosen for the actual work.

A customised project proposal of interior decoration is a work of preparation. It is based on your desires, your needs, your taste and your budget. This study allows you to gradually refine your project before starting the renovation.


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